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About Ministry

The Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Development is vested in responsibilities for the development and conservation of fisheries sector in Sri Lanka for which 06 institutions have been established for assisting in implementation of  policies formulated by the Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Development towards sustainable utilization of fisheries resources.

In keeping consistency with the policy frame work of the Government, the Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Development has realized a significant development through newly formed projects and programmes by fulfilling the national objectives.

Ministry is responsible for the administration of marine fisheries sector in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 517,000 square kilometers and 489,000 hectares of the brackish & freshwater fisheries sectors.

Contributing to 1.3 percent of the GDP of Sri Lanka, the fisheries sector provides 70 percent of the animal protein intake in the country. In addition to playing a major role by contributing to food security and ensuring the nutrition of the population, the sector provides about 540,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities. Further, it plays a major role in foreign exchange earnings and present annual contribution is about US$ 200 million.

Policy Objectives                                                                                                          

  • To improve nutritional status and food security of the population of Sri Lanka by increasing the national fish production.
  • To minimize post-harvest losses and to improve quality and safety of fish products to accepted standards.
  • To increase employment opportunities in fisheries and related industries, and to improve the socio-economic status of the fisher community.
  • To increase foreign exchange earnings by promoting value added fish exports.
  • To conserve the aquatic environment for the sustainable utilization of future generations.
  • To promote fishery based recreational facilities.

ey Functions of the Ministry

  • Development of marine brackish water and fresh water fisheries.
  • Formulation and Implementation of policies and programmes.
  • Expansion and development of fishery harbours and anchorages to accommodate demand while responding environmental hazards.
  • Development of sustainable utilization of national aquatic Resources.
  • Implementation of programmes to improve product quality to meet international standards. 
  • Cutting edge research and development to facilitate the concern of popularize traditional fish area of local and foreign fishery industry.
  • Export fish products, ornamental fish, smoked fish and others to suit international demand.
  • Provide fish at an affordable prices while fulfill the requirement adequately. 

Organizational structure 

Organizational Structure of the Ministry



Sri Lanka to be the leader of conservation and sustainable utilization of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in the South Asian Region.


Managing the utilization of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources for the benefit of the present and future generation


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