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Our objective is to Formulation of a mechanism for the design, construction, maintenance and sustainable operation of fishery harbours, anchorages and landing sites to meet the future requirements in realizing the Ministry’s objective of expanding horizons for fisheries industry.


Fishery Harbours and Anchorage Development Project was initially launched under local funds for the year 2013. Rs. 5753 million had been allocated for the implementation of the project under the medium-term budgetary framework and in view of the progress of projects it has been extended till 2018. Accordingly, Rs. 453 000 000 for 2014, and Rs. 1 515 934.23 for 2015 have been allocated for the project under the medium-term budgetary framework. In addition, approval has been granted by the budget discussion, 2016 for allocation of funds up to Rs. 750 million for the implementation of this project.

n this context the Ministry of Fisheries can use the facilities at these harbours to build economic development hubs and to set up commercial enterprises using the material and human resources available in the areas concerned. Furthermore, this will have the added advantage that it will help the Fishery Harbours Corporation to increase the utilization of the harbours which will be a further bonus to the economy. As a result, it would be possible to minimize issues pertaining to the harbours, and thereby increase the current contribution of 1.9% from the Fishing industry towards the GDP of the country.

The project executes construction, development and upgrading of fishery harbours, anchorages and landing sites.

Fishery harbour construction and development projects

  • Construction of Kalametiya fishery harbour
  • Construction of the jetty to Galle fishery harbour
  • Upgrading of Hambantota harbour
  • Construction of Wellamankara fishery harbour in Venappuwa
  • Upgrading of Suduwella fishery harbour
  • Construction of the jetty to Kudawella fishery harbour
  • Construction of the jetty to Mirissa fishery harbour
  • Development of Puranawella fishery harbour
  • Construction of Chilaw green fishery harbour
  • Construction of Mirissa green fishery harbour

Anchorage and landing site construction and development

  • Maradana anchorage
  • Peraliya anchorage
  • Porutota Palngathure breakwater
  • Kapparatota jetty

Other development projects

  • Construction of Karainagar boatyard and plant
  • Development of the river-mouth of Negambo lagoon
  • Development of Negambo lagoon

Apart from the projects mentioned above, the project unit is engaged in monitoring the formulation of preliminary feasibility studies and concept designs of Northern Province Sustainable Fisheries Development Project funded by the Asian Development Bank aiming at construction and development of multiple new fishery harbours, anchorages and landing sites of Northern Province.

Further Information:

Project Manager         : Mr. Prabath Ranawera

Mobile                         : +94 - 766297287

Office                          : +94 - 112446183 Ext -412

Email                           :


Objective :

The main objective of implementing this system is to enhance the sustainability of fisheries sector by introducing the latest available technology. It is operated under satellite technology which allows to monitor the location of the particular vessel, prevention of illegal fishing, prevention of the drifting of boats beyond the Sri Lankan Exclusive Economic Zone, identification of fishing grounds and warning on weather conditions can be brought to the notice of the fishermen.

Further Information:

Project Manager   : Mr. A.L.Thilakaratne

Mobile                   : +94 - 777566097

Office                    : +94 - 112388194

Email                     :


Sri Lanka to be the leader of conservation and sustainable utilization of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in the South Asian Region.


Managing the utilization of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources for the benefit of the present and future generation


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