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“Power to decide fish price in the global fish market was lost to us with the imposing of EU sanctions. Maldives now decides the fish price. Current government will regain the lost power of Sri Lanka in the global fish market” Hon Mahinda Amaraweera says.

 “The current government was successful in revoking the EU sanctions imposed against Sri Lanka. Therefore, we will act to regain the power of deciding fish price in the global market most assuredly within the coming 2 years” says Hon Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Minister, Mahinda Amaraweera.

Hon Minister expressed these views, participating in the opening ceremony of Muruthawela breeding centre which was established at a cost of 400 million. The centre will be breeding species of Carp and Thilapia fish and fresh water prawns.

Fish fingerlings required to be stocked in the reservoirs in the Southern province will be bred in this breeding centre in line with the Fisheries Ministry’s programme to improve fish population of inland reservoirs by 100%. 

 “We were able to complete this breeding center within one year’s time and the breeding of fish has already started in this centre. Recently fresh water fishermen had to encounter downfall in their income levels as fish were not released in to the reservoirs. However, we have targeted that the measures taken by us during the past two years will result in a 4-fold increase in income level of the fisher community by the year 2018-2019.  The current fresh water fish production is 75000 mt per annum. It will be raised up to 1,50,000 mt by the end of 2019. Annual fish fingerling production of the current breeding centers is 20 million and with the opening of this new hatchery, it could be increased by 100%”, said the Minister.

 “Fisheries still remains among the 11th or 12th ranks of the national income sources of the country. However, it would be ranked up to 2nd or 3rd position during next few years. The budgetary allocation for aquaculture is 2800 million for the year 2017 and we hope to get it increased up to 5000 by next year” also said he. 

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