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“I am willing to go beyond new and old models of THINK TANKS to deliver very productive result value to the society.” says State Minister Dilip Wedaarachchi by setting up a Think Tank on BLUE ECONOMY concept.

“I strongly feel that it is the time to think of new model for “Think Tank”, one that takes full advantage of managing the available resources and some of the best practices from more established think tanks across the world. I am willing to go beyond new and old models, means thinking entirely new ways of delivering very productive result value to the society.” Stated by Hon. State Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Dilip Wedaarachchi at a meeting with some senior government officials in Tangalle on 16th April 2017.

He is planning to set up a Think Tank on Blue Economy Concept with a constructive policy targeting a Tremendous Boom in Fishery Industry, by using the expertise of various other Ministries, Institutes, Free lance researchers, Fishing Community, Public and Staff.

The State Minister already sketched up a roadmap for a sustained and ambitious urge from the government perspective towards reaping the benefits presented through the marine resources surrounding the island. Hence, he is of the view that embracing the 'Blue Economy' concept via policy making in respective fields is key towards such an endeavor. Moreover, it is emphasized paramount at incorporating a holistic approach towards such initiatives involving all stakeholders local and foreign.

This will not at all override the concept of Green Economy. The word “Blue” is new to the arena of economy, but nothing other than the colour of the Ocean packed with enormous recourses, just as same as the formation of the blue colour by collection of various shades of colours. Many countries are working hard to harvest such resources. Sri Lanka is surrounded by sea which is 8 times larger than the land is a worthy treasure to our country. However we have to reconsider how much this great resource with high production capacity has been optimized to the economical development of the country. Therefore, he has already launched the blue economy concept in late 2015.

Under these circumstances Hon. State Minister believes whether, it would be possible to set up a “Think Tank” under the guidance of Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development, on the topic of Blue Economy. This will be much easier and on seeing the progress, this will give the confidence for all stakeholders to continue and complete the expected task without many questions being raised. Many countries like us have very less policy research institutes to help and address the challenges we faced, instead, and because of this small “Think Tank” community, we have to rely on policy ideas coming from abroad-often from the think tanks, research centers and consultancies set up in developed countries to lobby and influence international aid agencies.

“In many last decades every endeavour is made to formulate a constructive policy in order to develop fishery industry is being non productive. Many projects were launched, but many questions posed from all quarters of the industry and convincing all of them to obtain their concurrence became an arduous task which has badly reflected on the efforts made by so many previous ministers, who lead this ministerial portfolio.”

Further stated by State Minister in the same discussion to set up a “Think Tank” under the guidance of Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development. 

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