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Minister Mahinda Amaraweera assumes the duty as the State Minister of Mahaweli Development.

His appointment on the historical date of completing the Moragahakanda Dam can be hailed as a millstone, says His Excellency the President

His Excellency the President expressed these views participating to the event of Minister Amaraweera officially assuming the duties as the State Minister of Mahaweli Development.

“I assign all the new Mahaweli development projects to Minister Amaraweera that would be amounting to Rs 2000 billion. Wayamba irrigation project, Water schemes for North, renovation of reservoirs are some of the main duties. 

Many asked me the reasons for appointing Minister Amaraweera to such a responsible position. I assign duties to the persons with capabilities and I give more duties and function to the dedicated and responsible persons. I intend to raise Minister Amaraweera to the position of the most powerful leader in the South.

Moragahakanda water project was started when I was the Mahaweli Development Minister but I was removed from the post by the then President. I never anticipated that I will be blessed with the opportunity to open this project as the President of the country. This proves that the leaders in the present day do not come by heredity.

Due to the recent extreme weather, flooding and land sliding we had to encounter many disasters and as a government we dedicated ourselves to redeem the affected people. Especially the security forces risked their lives to save the people.  Also the support given by media should also be appreciated” stated His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena

Hon Minister Mahinda Amaraweera also expressed following views.

 “I am highly grateful to His Excellency the President for appointing me as the State Minister to the Mahaweli Development Ministry. I will act to the best of my capacity to fulfill the duties in the new position.

His Excellency made many decisions to help the people affected by flooding and land sliding. He stopped Ministers from purchasing vehicles in this nationally critical situation and he himself stopped using some of his vehicles”

Hon Minister also thanked the media for their contribution in making relief to the affected people.

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