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“Both the ruling party and the opposition have a collective responsible to serve the public in an emergency” says Hon Minister Mahinda Amaraweera

 “The opposition cannot turn a blind eye towards the sufferings of the people in an emergency saying that the ruling party has to take the responsibility. All of us were given a mandate by the people and thus we have a collective responsibility to ensure their safety” says Hon Mahinda Amaraweera.

He expressed these views in an event of delivering food and equipment to the displaced people in Walasmulla area. He also said that now the government has to shoulder the duty of reinforcing the affected people and preventing the future harms of natural disasters.

 “ No nation can prevent natural disasters. Even the United States is suffering from disasters like wild fires and tornadoes. Also there are man-made disasters like the London terrorist attack”

 Today the huge challenge we are faced with is the reinforcement of affected and devastated people.  There was a strong economy in South but, now it has collapsed. We can give them food, clothing and other basics. But what is most difficult is to rebuild their collapsed economic status. This takes a long time and as a government we have to take this responsibility”

 “Today many parties accuse the government claiming that disaster management has become a failure. It is due to the government that we were able to manage this disaster. The government and the security forces immediately took actions to save the lives of the affected people”

 “It is always easy to accuse than being a really helpful. Many of these accusers have not even donated a single water bottle to the affected people. His Excellency the President has personally paid visit to the helpless and displaced people and the preliminary measures to develop the devastated districts have already been started”

Hon Minister also expressed his gratitude to the media for informing and warning people through the period of tensions and also for collecting relief and delivering them properly among the affected people.

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